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Vixim Germ: Roasted corn germ

Vixim Germ it is an extraordinarily rich and healthy ingredient due to its content of protein, fiber, and antioxidants as it contains roasted nut flavor and aroma.

Our roasted corn germ in a great variety of applications such as bread making, tortilla, snacks, cereals, granola bars, even in Mexican mole as a replacement for nuts, sesame, and peanuts, and can be used in chocolate.

Vixim germ has a great potential for use in tortilla, tortilla chips, laminated snacks, corn snacks It provides a better texture, artisan appearance and a richer taste for consumer.

The roasted corn germ increases nutritional values of formulas, reducing caloric content while adding healthy fats and protein.

Below you can find suggestions for using roasted corn germ so you can make a variety of recipes,

  • Tortilla chips with guacamole.
  • Nachos with tortilla chips
  • Tortilla chips with hummus
  • Hummus with carrots and tortilla chips
  • Tortilla cups with beans and cheese au gratin
  • Tortilla soup
  •  Cornbread

Share with us in our social media recipes you have made with our roasted corn germ and ideas, if any, of some other usages.