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Vixim in Bakery

We have ingredients that can help you make multi-grain bread and/or gluten-free bread, increase dietary fiber and protein, and improve flavor and aroma profiles.

Vixim in Confectionery

We have ingredients that can be used to make new chocolate candies with natural ingredients, improve the bromatological quality of your candies.

Vixim in Pet Foods

We have a wide variety of ingredients that can help you increase performance, provide protein, dietary fiber and polyunsaturated oils.

Vixim in Dairy

We have ingredients that can help you make desserts, yoghurts and vegan cheeses.

Vixim in Meat

We have ingredients that can help you improve performance, improve water and fat retention, improve firmness.

Vixim in Condiments

We have ingredients that can help you improve performance and standardize colors, flavors and pungency levels.

Vixim in Snacks

We have ingredients that can help you improve your performance, reach “whole grain” standards, increase dietary fiber and protein, and give a handcrafted appearance.

Vixim in Sauces and Dressings

We have ingredients that can help you improve performance, improve texture and nutrient profile, greater resistance to freezing, thawing cycles and mechanical stress are stable to acidic pH and heat.

Vixim in Nutrimental

We have a wide variety of ingredients that can be used to provide you with protein, dietary fiber, polyunsaturated oils, multi-grain appearance and delicious flavor notes.

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We are a manufacturing company of foods derived from cereals and legumes. We produce natural ingredients, with high quality standards.
  • Vision & Mission
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Technology
  • Safety and Quality Policy
VISION: To be the best value proposi- tion in products derived from cereals and legumes that contribute to a healthy life. - MISSION: Offer healthy food ingre- dients through sustainable innovation processes.
COMMITMENT: We transform an agreement into reality. - INNOVATION: We improve our stan- dards by imagining and realizing goals. - RESPONSIBILITY: We assume the conse- quences of our actions before others. - SERVICE: We serve our clients' needs with interest and joy... - INTEGRITY: We are consistent with our principles and values in all our actions
WE BELIEVE that work is a means to seek the integral development of people and their families. The center of our decisions will always be the person; seen in our collaborators, clients, suppliers, shareholders and society to which we belong. - WE ARE COMMITTED to generating results that allow for community building in a sustainable environment. - WE BELIEVE in operational efficiency by making processes simple and effective, adopting new technologies, elimina- ting waste and unnecessary expenses. - WE BELIEVE in productive innovation as a means to make a company sustainable over time. - WE ARE A COMMUNITY that transcends and remains in time.
The plant has technology acquired and developed internally: 1. Dry grinding European technology Products: germ, fiber, grits, food flour, industrial and livestock corn flour, special flours (pinto beans, yellow beans, chick peas, peas and white sorghum) 2. Wet milling Multi-vendor integration project Products: starch and protein
Vepinsa Ingredientes SAPI de CV. A manufacturer of foods derived from cereals and legumes, is committed to establishing, maintaining and continuously improving a food safety management system, through the implementation of the SQF Code Version 8.1 and with full compliance with the current national and international food legislation, the foregoing, with the primary objective of always providing safe food. · Evaluate and select our suppliers to ensure the safety of raw materials and supplies to develop a relationship of longterm mutual commitments. · Guarantee compliance with the requirements of our customers on food safety, considering current national and international food legislation. · Comply with the annual maintenance program of facilities and equipment, thereby achieving increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity in our processes. · Plan and execute an annual training program for our collaborators, to train people committed to ensuring the safety and quality of ingredients manufactured in the plant. · Apply effective communication tools with our internal and external clients, which provide us with an environment of active and positive participation. · Our philosophy is to offer always healthy food ingredients, with high quality standards, innovating and maintaining continuous improvement in our processes, with the fundamental objective of exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Food Safety, Experience and Innovation
Vepinsa Ingredients

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Plant certifications

• Kosher Pareve • Halal • Gluten Free • Vegan • Proceso Natural •

Vepinsa Ingredientes has a Research and Development team focused on solving the nutritional needs of its clients with ingredients derived from cereals and legumes tailored to their requirements.

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Innovation & Technology

Vepinsa Ingredients offers the international food industry innovative solutions with added value (Bromatology, Functionality and Cost) through natural ingredients derived from cereals and legume grains.

Vepinsa Ingredientes has a technical team that helps you in your Project of application of its ingredients from the beginning to the end.

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Gluten free

We produce natural ingredients to formulate healthy foods.

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Vepinsa Ingredientes

Safety, quality and innovation. We invite you to learn more about our company.

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Vixim Ingredients

Our ingredients and their applications in the food industry.

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For your nutritional products

Discover the benefits of using Vixim in your nutritional products.

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