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The Healthy Purpose for 2020

More than half of Americans (51%) made the New Year’s resolution to eat healthier by 2020, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos for Urban Plates.

To help consumers achieve these goals, restaurants are strengthening their better-for-you offerings, specifically those geared toward plant-based, keto, paleo, and Whole30 diets.

To serve consumers committed to increasing their intake of plant-based foods and beverages, Starbucks is serving three new beverages made from plant-based dairy alternatives: Almondmilk Honey Flat White, Coconutmilk Latte and Oatmilk Honey Latte.

«Customers are looking for more ways to customize their drinks, » said Raegan Powell, Starbucks product developer.

“We love how the nuanced flavor you get with vegetable milks combines with espresso, whether it’s hot or ice cream. It is a new way to start your new year.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. enhanced its plant-based game with a new salad base, Supergreens Salad Mix, a blend of romaine lettuce, kale and baby spinach.

The mix stars the Vegetarian Salad Mix, which includes Supergreens, brown rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, tomato sauce and guacamole.

«At Chipotle, we’re always looking for ways to innovate the existing menu offerings, » said Nevielle Panthaky, vice president of kitchen for Chipotle.

«Lifestyle Bowls allows us to pre-shape our actual ingredients, including the new Supergreens salad mix, in a way that helps our guests achieve or maintain their health and wellness goals»

For those looking to trade in meat for vegetable options in the new year, Tropical Chicken has partnered with Beyond Meat to add two new vegan offerings to their menu: The Vegan Tropichop and Vegan Wrap, both made with Beyond Meat.

“At Pollo Tropical, we pride ourselves on always offering guests the most delicious food at a great price,” said Hope Diaz, marketing director for Pollo Tropical’s Fiesta Restaurant Group.

“That’s why we are excited to introduce the Beyond Meat menu items, so we can offer new great-tasting options to guests looking for plant-based choices with the bold flavors they expect from us.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill also partnered with Beyond Meat to introduce the Vegetarian Cheeseburger Pizza, which is topped with herbal Beyond Burger.

Pret A Manger is launching its new “Veggies for All” menu, which offers a variety of vegetable options, including the Avo Sandwich, Olives & Toms, Harissa, Carrot & Feta Sandwich, Harissa, Carrot & Hummus Sandwich, Roasted Pepper, Feta Y Olive Sandwich and Mediterranean Eggplant Wrap.

“The new menu is inspired by food developers from around the world who came together in New York with a mission to create vegetable-based products that are delicious, filling and innovative,” said Pret A Manger.

“The new menu incorporates fresh ingredients such as beluga lentils and grilled carrots. To make it easier for customers, each vegetable-based product will be labeled with a green ticket in the store.

The number of consumers following the keto, paleo and Whole30 diets is also increasing, and with-it new menu items that meet the requirements of the diets.

Chipotle recently unveiled its new Whole30-compatible chicken recipe as part of its Lifestyle Bowls platform, which also includes keto salad bowls and paleo salad bowls. The new Adobo chicken is included in three Whole30 salad bowls.

“The new year is a popular time for people to participate in Whole30, so we are excited that Chipotle’s lifestyle bowls will continue to take the stress out of healthy eating while traveling,” said Melissa Hartwig Urban, co-founder of Whole30 .

“Convenience is key to staying the course, so I worked closely with the Chipotle culinary team to create three compatible bowls for the Whole30 community.

El Pollo Loco launches Pollo Fit Bowls, a new line of three better bowls for you by 2020.

The double bowl of chicken and avocado and the double bowl of chicken and fresh cheese are certified keto, while the double bowl of chicken and mango Chicken Fit is suitable for shoveling.

“We know that our customers are increasingly looking for varied approaches to healthy living, so it made sense to introduce a better culinary innovation for you before the new year that not only offers flavor, freshness and high-quality ingredients, but is also accessible to everyone,” said Hector Munoz, marketing director of El Pollo Loco.

“This is just the beginning of our ever-improving menu and we look forward to launching new personalized offerings for different lifestyles in 2020.

New to Smoothie King are HIIT Fit shakes, which feature a 40/30/30 balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Both the cinnamon chocolate and vegetable varieties are palate-friendly and include the FITAID + Paleo chain protein.

B.GOOD is launching its Lifestyle Menu, with new keto, Whole30 and paleo salads.

“We are continually thinking about how our menu can best meet the ever-changing behavior and preferences of consumers,” said Linh Aven, executive chef of B.GOOD.

“In 2019 alone, we revamped our menu to balance the wide range of guest dietary preferences and expanded our plant-based options with the introduction of four flex burgers.

The Lifestyle Menu is based on our commitment to support our guests and provide them with excellent tasting options that they can feel good about eating.

Chopt Creative Salad Co. introduces new Whole30 dishes inspired by the Keto and Paleo “for consumers looking for ways to adopt or re-adopt healthy habits,” the company said.

The new offerings include the Spicy Bowl30, MexiKeto Carnitas Bowl, AvoKeto Chicken Club Salad and Paleo Chicken Harvest Salad.

Piada Italian Street Food is launching a Keto BLT Salad and Paleo Berry Balsamic Salad as part of its new lifestyle menu.

“These new additions to the menu make Piada more accessible to all guests,” said Chris Doody, founder of Piada.

“Whether guests are on a restricted diet for health reasons or are simply trying to establish different eating habits at the start of the new year, these new dishes open up the menu so that everyone can enjoy something at Piada.

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